We have introduced the AI-based CCTV solution over the past nine times to prevent safety accidents at industrial sites and work scenarios that can be solved by AI-based CCTV. We look forward to the future to see the safety of workers in all industrial sites is perfect with the use of the Mobilio AI CCTV solution. In today’s post, we will summarize the AI CCTV solution usage scenarios that we have introduced so far. The strength of AI CCTV solutions can be said to start with artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology. Mobilio AI-based CCTV solution, which combines AI and computer vision technology, can detect and analyze events happening around the working sites to understand the nature of the event (fire, fall, worker movement, etc.) and take actions (manager notification, danger alert, etc.). AI CCTV works in a very similar way to the way people perceive and respond to certain situations as described above, so there are a variety of work scenarios available:

AI CCTV Usage Scenarios

1)    Safety accident detection scenario: The biggest role of AI CCTV solution is to detect safety accidents that can always occur at industrial sites. Detects drops that significantly threaten worker safety at work sites, access to dangerous areas, and not wearing safety gear to minimize worker’s physical damage in the event of an accident.

2)    Protective gear wear detection scenario: Workers at high risk must wear protective gear such as safety helmets, goggles, safety jackets and protective gloves. However, this principle is often not observed for various reasons or situations. The reason is that the temperature increases in summer and the efficiency of work decreases due to the wearing of protective equipment. AI CCTV solution can detect and act on workers who do not comply with safety rules.

3)    FIRE PREVENTION SCENARIO: Computer vision technology mounted on AI CCTV can detect fire hazards and outbreaks by analyzing the appearance, color, and flickering of objects captured in the video. In addition, according to the types of events identified, severity, etc., the situation is shared directly by the control center and field supervisor and the work is carried out according to predetermined procedures.

4)    Facial recognition scenarios (Access control management and security etc): AI CCTV solution can recognize workers’ faces. In addition, based on the results of the confirmation, it is possible to have a business scenario such as controlling access to workplaces or major facilities that only allowed people to enter. Facial recognition technology can be used to prevent safety accidents through unauthorized access control, as well as to protect and secure major facilities.

5)    Robotic and automated facility task observation scenarios: Korea ranks first in the world in terms of robot ratio per 10,000 workers at workplaces. This has caused many related accidents so far, and safety accidents related to robots and production facilities are likely to continue in the future. Given this situation, companies with high automation ratios should also consider using AI computer vision technology. AI computer vision technology is a good way to strengthen worker safety nets and manage whether automated facilities such as robots work properly.

6)    Parking management scenario: Many countries including Korea have various problems due to fast urbanization. The parking difficulty of the city is one of them. AI CCTV solution ensures smooth traffic flow in certain areas (one of the main goals of smart cities) with efficient parking management of spaces, and further improves business performance of businesses such as shopping malls and amusement parks. Many businesses are actively considering using AI CCTV solution to monitor the status and utilization of parking lots in real time and to easily and safely control and manage parking spaces.

As we have seen so far, AI-based CCTV solutions can be applied to various tasks by integrating and utilizing AI and computer vision technologies. Until now, investments to prevent safety accidents have been made by each work scenarios, so the cost structure has been high, and operation management has been forced to take a lot of time and effort. And it’s true that it wasn’t easy to link due to lack of compatibility between individual systems. However, AI CCTV solutions can provide integrated support for these various tasks.

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